Interview with Vladyslav Tereschenko

Vladyslav Tereschenko, backend developer at

– What is your team currently working on?

– We are now closely cooperating with our testing department. They’re looking for possible bugs any imperfections in the performance of our services. Whenever they find them, they report them to us and we fix them as soon as possible. We also often receive updates from the trading analysis department with suggestions on algorithm improvements. And then we make changes in the code so that it is more efficient and profitable.

– What do you think of the current situation on the market? The trading volume got lower in the rates of the cryptocurrencies went down.

– By what I can judge, this is I quite common occurrence. The market is like a swing, it always goes up and down. And the way to receive profit in the market is to be able to determine the direction and act based on it.

– And how is the team?

– I think the team is wonderful. Every member is a great professional and is really good at teamwork. But we are also looking for some more people to join us. All the information about this can be found on the Career page on our website.

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