Our Latest Successes

Hello, dear community!

It has been almost a month since our bots started active trading. They close a few positions every week and almost every single one of them is profitable. Nine positions were closed during the last 2 weeks. And eight of them very successful!

Out of these 8 profitable trades, only one brought less than 1.5% of the profit. The total profit in the last 2 weeks exceeds 14%. The only position that was closed on stop-loss brought 3% of loss. And it was closed during the 2 days that were quite stressful for the cryptocurrency world.

Even though today looks like a much better day for traders, the market is not back at where it was before. The market went from bullish just a week ago to being in a state of uncertainty today. Some sources expressed their worries the Bitcoin price increase was driven solely by people who are afraid to miss out. And they aren`t sure how long this trend is going to last.

In general, most coins are green. Some of them even added more than 5% to their value. Bitcoins high today is $8,100 but it didn’t stay there for long and is currently trading at $7,930.

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