Bitcoin Continues Showing Signal For Growth

Hi, everyone!

These last 2 weeks were very successful for our bots. All of the trades made by our bots in May were profitable.
And the market still looks like it has a lot of opportunities to earn for us. Crypto market capitalisation continues growing and is currently more than $274 million. Bitcoin is trading at $8,708. And it doesn’t seem that BitCoin wants to change its direction anytime soon. There are some signals that make us believe in the future growth of this currency.

In just 24 hours over 28,000 BTCs were moved the new addresses. Users have noticed that there were several major transactions between the wallets of the whales. And this is just one of the pieces of evidence that support the idea did the Bitcoin can surge. The price of the currency is above all of the moving averages between 50 and 200 days. This is a very obvious indicator of the trend. These facts along with some others are used by many verified crypto accounts on Twitter and other social networks followed by beliefs that we will soon see Bitcoin jumping above $10,000.


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