Stable Performance of Our Algorithms

Hello, dear community!

Do you know what is our favourite topic to talk to you about? It is our achievements and successes. And this is what we are going to talk about today.

For the past over half a year we have been experimenting successfully by constantly configuring our algorithms to match the market situation besides implementing changes that made our algorithms more precise in general. Experiments have shown to be good practice, and the changes helped increase profits while minimising the risk of hitting stop-loss.

There were some periods when are robots stayed in the sleeping mode as the market was strongly manipulated and this latest miscalculation could cause serious losses.

Now that the market is fine, other bots are actively trading. And yesterday another position was successfully closed. Bots gained over 3% on BTC/LINK pair.

And for all of you who use Binance, we want to remind you did you need to update your API keys in order for our bots to be able to trade.

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