First Trades After Reconnecting Binance

Hi, everyone!

We hope that everyone who uses Binance has listened to our request and updated their API keys.

If you haven`t done it yet, go ahead and do it now. For a detailed description of how to do it, check out our previous post. And if you have, congratulations on your profit!

In the last 4 days, 3 trades were conducted and all of them were successful.

The first pair was BTC/BCPT and it brought our community over 4% of the profit.

Another trade was conducted on the BTC/REP and it earned another 1% to the owners of our bots.

And the last position BTC/ARN was closed just an hour ago and it helped our community earn over 2%.

The market looks good so we hope that the last trade was just the beginning of another successful week.

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