Help Us Get Better

Hello, dear community!

We appreciate your activity and we would like to make your experience as pleasant as it could possibly be.

That is why we ask you to help us get better and eliminate all the issues that can possibly be found when using any of our services. If you encountered incorrect behaviour of the service, please report it to the support team. Whenever we are notified of the error, we redirect it to our Testing Department where they check it and then tell our Developers Department about it and they discuss ways to solve it.

But this is not the only reason to contact us. You can also tell us what features you want us to add, how to make it more user-friendly. If there are features of some of our modules, let us know and we will try to add them to the rest of the modules.

We appreciate every single one of your responses and will do our best to implement your suggestions in reality. So go ahead and help us make oir service better.

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