Integration of Fundamental Analysis with Smart Trading Module

Hello, friends!

We are happy to let you know that we are improving our algorithms again.
Technical analysis is quite precise itself but adding some techniques of fundamental analysis can make our bots even more accurate.

That is why we are working on connecting our Social Assistant Module to the Trading Module.

The news in the crypto community can significantly influence the rate of the currency. And the more people are interested in the currency, the bigger are the chances of the rate growth. So whenever our Social Assistant notices increased activity related to a certain coin, it sends a signal to the Trading module which checks this coin. If there are any other indicators that support the possibility of the price increase, it is considered to be a strong signal for opening positions.

And if the activity is caused by some negative news, the signal will be ignored as all the other indicators, used in technical analysis, will show that the coin is likely to stay where it is or even drop.

When the improved algorithm is ready, we will test it multiple times and we will let you know when the updated version of our algorithms is available.

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