Market is Going through Rocky Times

Hello, dear friends!

The market is now mostly red. The total crypto market capitalisation is about $137.5 billion which is more than $2.5 billion lower comparing to the previous day. About 85% of the world`s most popular cryptocurrencies are down.

Bitcoin also dropped to $3,912 not long after reaching $4,000 for the first time in 2 months. And this always leads to other currencies losing their value.

Ripple is down by over 2%. ETH is down by 1%. And many less popular currencies lost up to 10% of their value.

Some coins managed to grow in this time. ADA and BAT, for example, grew by about 5% which is quite a significant increase in such market. And ARN added over 12% to its value.

The bulls need to gain power now to be able to go for another run, but it is not yet determined of the bears can push the market further down.

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