Use 2 Factor Authorization

Hello, everyone!

2 Factor Authentication is a technology that many services like to use because it adds another layer of security to our private information. Most services that have access to your personal data and funds offer or even require that you connect 2FA to your profile. Social media, banks, online shops are among them.

2FA means that a user needs to enter some additional information besides their login an password. It can ask for a passcode that was sent to your phone number/email, security question or some other information that only you can have access to. Only one private field (password) is not that secure and is possible to hack. It is also not easy for hackers to gain access to both password and security code or whatever extra layer of protection is used. So 2FA both discourages hackers from wanting to access your private data and if they do, makes this process way more complicated.

When we speak of your accounts on exchanges or other third-party apps which have access to your digital assets, making sure that your account is safe from being hacked is crucial, if you do not pay enough attention to your security, you could lose money.

It is better to spend an extra 20 seconds when you log into your account than give a chance to a deceiver. Stay safe!

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