Greatest Blockchain News

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The blockchain is growing rapidly and most of the industries have already started working on projects that include all of the benefits that this technology provides.

Denver is planning on using blockchain in their municipal election for digital voting as early as in May and June of 2019. Blockchain-based voting has already taken place for about 30 times. During the largest one of them, 150,000 voters participated. For now, such elections are targeted at a specific group of people. But the success of the project makes us believe that it may soon be brought to a global scale.

Singapore announced the launch of pilot blockchain for marine transportation. This project assumes digitalising documents on trades.

Look into the system is also going to be used to register in newborns. This does not only allow better organisation of the newborns roll but also can help increase the efficiency of health care for pregnant women.

And these are just some of the cases of blockchain use. Even government projects are now open to blockchain integration.

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