Bitcoin Crash Can Be Added To Stress-Tests Scenario

Hello, dear friends!

Federal Reserve System of the USA can add crypto market crash to the list of potential risks that FRS will take into consideration when conducting its stress tests. This situation is considered an emergency, but it is believed that it still needs to be considered.

These stress tests will be used for heads of companies, especially financial, to evaluate risks and be able to protect them from losses as well as complete all of their responsibilities.

If the tests with the crypto market crash added to them are approved, the changes will take place starting on April 1, 2019.

But it is also worth mentioning that last year the head of the Federal Reserve System spoke about his opinion on the crypto market. He expressed his concerns that crypto can be used with wrong intentions like money laundering and funding malicious operations or can be a bubble which will take away the money of unprofessional investors. So it is not possible to be sure what will be decided on this question.

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