How Crypto Community Changed

Hello, friends!

Let`s talk about how the crypto community has changed over the last few years.

Trading has been around for a long time, but cryptocurrencies appeared quite recently. The fact that the Internet was full of articles on this topic made sparked interest among lots of users. And also the idea of digital assets sounded so innovative that everyone wanted to try it. People started entering the market without even learning what it was. They traded based on the news they had read online or followed the steps of some famous trader. This caused rapid growth of crypto market capitalization. And we saw the consequences of such behaviour when BTC was trading at around $20k. But when the market started changing, the chaos began. People who had no idea how stock markets work did not know how to react to the price changes, so they did whatever they thought was the most logical thing to do. And this only caused the market to shake more rapidly.

As time went by, people started realising that crypto trading was also a job which required lots of effort and knowledge in order to be powerful and over a period of time, they left the market. The crypto capitalisation decreased.

But this can also be seen as a positive side. Now only people who really believe in cryptocurrency and have an understanding of the system stayed. They are people who can build crypto market and make it more favourable for smart investments.

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