Testing Algorithms That Detect Patterns

Hello, dear friends!

Today was a significantly better day in crypto. After hitting 2019 low, BTC managed to rise by more than 7% in a 24-hr timeframe and found another support level. And the total market capitalisation grew by $10B! This is an impressive result, considering the generally downward trend.

Of course, other coins reacted to such change and followed BTC direction. ETH surged 13% up reaching $118. It was a great day for Litecoin, which gained 30%. In general, the market looks great with many green candlesticks and increasing volume.

And we are also happy to let you know that we have finally started testing a pattern recognition algorithm. It has been a long process to get ready and collect all the statistics and criteria that will be used in the programming of such function. There are many cases when the patterns are false or do not finish their formation. It is very important to consider all these points to make sure the algorithm can eliminate all the incorrect patterns. Hopefully, we will update you on our progress soon.

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