Bitcoin Breaches Historic Support Level

Hello, dear friends! Let`s talk about the situation that cryptomarket is in right now.

Bitcoin lost about 1.5% of its price in one day and breached its historic support level at $3,450-3,500. This event became huge stress for the cryptomarket. Most coins went through significant losses. January has become the sixth month in a row when Bitcoin monthly candlestick closed red.

This is the first time when such streak has occurred. And crypto experts cannot be sure when it will end.

The whole market is extremely unsteady right now. All altcoin react too much on BTC price change and it is quite difficult to predict what actions to take in such a market. That is why we decided to update our algorithms and configure them in the way that they will choose only signals that are very precise. In this way, the bots will not react to false signals and as a result, the possibility of loss will be much lower.

We will soon test our algorithms and update our bots so that they can trade according to the current market situation.

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