Interview with Team Members

Viktor Daverman, a head developer of bots.

– Tell us please about your education.

– I got my Master`s degree in Computer Engineering at Kiev Institute of Business and Technology (KIBiT).

– What would you consider your interests?

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are the things that I find exciting and I love learning more about them. I`m also very lucky to be able to work for a project that has a certain connection with both of them. 

– What are some of your duties here at

In the beginning, we worked on the whole system, and now we cooperate with our trading analysts and when they give us instructions on how to improve our algorithms, we implement them, we correct some errors and imperfections that sometimes happen, or when users report a problem, we find the reason for it and correct it. I also make sure our department sticks to the schedule. 

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