Crypto Market Update

Hello, friends! Let`s talk about the cryptomarket now and how it has changed in recent days.

It seems that cryptocurrencies find a way to surprise us every day. Constant changes in rates, which increase and decrease rapidly, make it hard to determine which trend is dominant on the market and what we should expect next. The total crypto market capitalisation reached $102B but after that, it quickly increased and is now worth almost $130B.

Many people like to compare current charts of cryptomarket to the stock market charts from the past. Some people go as far as to the period in the last century before the stock market crashed and they expect crypto to drop even more. Others look back at last year rally and think that it is the preparation stage before a really powerful bull run.

But we cannot recommend this practice as it is obvious that the market does not go in cycles. And there are many other events that influence the direction of the market.

Next year promises to give us solutions to some key issues of cryptomarket. These solutions can determine what will happen to the cryptocurrencies. But there are many other factors that can influence the cryptomarket capitalisation and who will dominate the market. For now, the market is in very unstable. The chances that the market will grow without a strong consolidation are low. But it is better to constantly keep an eye on all indicators to not fall behind.

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