Interview with Oleg

Hello, dear community! Today we prepared an interview with our trader and analysist Oleg.

-Could you tell us about your degree?

I got my Master`s degree in Telecommunicational systems and networks at Kyiv Polytechnical University in 2013. 

-What do you consider your interests and best skills?

Well, I have a strong passion for quantitative finance and global macroeconomics. Math, finance, statistics and programming are the skills that I am confident in.

-When did decide to choose trading as a part of your career?

-I must say that I started working as a trading analyst since 2013 about when I graduated. And I had changed my workplace a few times, I had not even thought about doing anything but being a trading analyst.

-For how long have you been working for

I`ve been a part of the team since the very beginning of the project. I joined it in August 2017, so it has been almost a year and a half. And for now, I can confidently say that I love what I am doing and the team I work with. I`m surrounded by very initiative and inspiring people. They motivate me to do my best and to develop my skills even further.

-And what do you think of the whole idea of the project?

-To be honest, I think that making the trading process automated gives an opportunity to profit much more than when doing it manually. Every decision that traders make requires a lot of analysis and research. The more profound your analysis it, the greater is the chance to earn. This is quite a time-consuming process. Algorithms can do it much faster and therefore find more profitable positions. In addition, if the algorithm is set up correctly to analyse factors that can influence the rate change and the priority list is accurate, then the odds of a good signal being missed of a fake signal being accepted are much lower. And our algorithms are developed by a group of professional traders who know all the peculiarities of market signals and software developers who can implement exactly what is needed. And that is the reason why our bots have such high accuracy and bring profit to everyone who uses them.

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